Pre-Requisite:- Basic knowledge of Hadoop and Ansible.

In this task, we will see how we can configure entire hadoop cluster using Ansible Playbook. But, first we have to install Ansible on or OS.I am using Redhat Enterprise Linux 8(RHEL8) for this practical. For installing Ansible you can use either of below commands:-

i) yum install ansible -y

ii) pip3 install ansible -y

In order to Configure Hadoop Cluster, we first have to install Java as Hadoop normally works on Java. Thus, we first need to download Java(JDK) and then Hadoop in our Master/Controller node in which Ansible is installed.

Then, you can follow this video below which will help you to setup the entire cluster and it also shows the practical demonstration of this task. In my case, I have have configured my Controller node as Hadoop Master and other 2 Managed Nodes as Slaves which will contribute their storage to the Master.

You can also refer this Github URL attached below to see and refer my entire YAML code.





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Aditya Pande

Aditya Pande

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