In a nutshell Jenkins CI is the leading open-source continuous integration server. Built with Java, it provides over 300 plugins to support building and testing virtually any project.

Jenkins is a tool in the Continuous Integration category of a tech stack.

Jenkins is an open source tool with 17.9K GitHub…

What are Neural Networks?

Neural networks are a set of algorithms, they are designed to mimic the human brain, that is designed to recognize patterns. They interpret data through a form of machine perception by labeling or clustering raw input data. It consists of 3 main type of layers:-

i) Input layer which consists…

Task Description

⚡ Till date whatever we have learnt in Flutter ,is need to be implemented in some way integrating other technologies with it

⚡Hint :1. Create attractive GUI
2.Make sure you implement other technologies if possible
3.Show your creativity (Optional: Animations, Responsive UI,DB connection ,etc.).

This was a Team Task.

GitHub URL:-

Task Description 📄

📌 In continuation of task 7.1 you need to Integrate Kubernetes commands that can be run through webUI created by you.

👉 This time create webUI page as such that using normal English conversation your all commands can run in background.

Example — when we write ‘run…

In this blog, first of all we will see what is K-Means Clustering Algorithm and then discuss about some of it’s Industry use-cases.

K-Means Clustering:-

Unsupervised learning is a type of machine learning in which models are trained using unlabeled dataset and are allowed to act on that data without any supervision…


  • > Software as a service (or SaaS) is a way of delivering applications over the Internet — as a service. Instead of installing and maintaining software, simply access it via the Internet, freeing ourselves from complex software and hardware management.
  • > CRM stands for Customer Relationship Management. It helps…

⚙️ Task 7.2 Description

📌 Write a blog explaining the use-cases of JavaScript in any of your favorite industries.

In this task, we will see the industry-based use-cases of JavaScript as a language.

What is JavaScript?

JavaScript is a text-based programming language used both on the client-side and server-side that…

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